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Welcome to The Dixie Diners’ Club, manufacturers of “Health Food That Tastes Like Junk Food®.” Yes, you can have it your own delicious way.


Select your Lifestyle choice: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Heart Healthy, Vegetarian, Vegan, Low Sodium, Low/No Sugar Added, Low Fat/Fat Free, or Low Carb (Atkins, South Beach, or low glycemic index type).

You get economical, ALL NATURAL, shelf-stable healthy foods from breakfasts and beverages, main dishes, meat replacements (high protein, whole-soy meat analogs), soups, broths, dressings, sauces, spreads, and supplements to snacks, nutritional bars and candy, baking, desserts, spices & sweeteners.
We hope you’ll join the thousands of customers who’ve enjoyed Dixie’s personal, friendly service for more than 30 years. Enjoy shopping for tasty food that’s truly healthy!

Dixie USA Incorporated, founded in Houston in 1975, is the home of the the
Dixie Diners’ Club, developing, producing, and marketing “health food that tastes like junk food®.”

Dixie has developed hundreds of exclusive products in the medical, nursing and food markets, having been granted patents and registered marks throughout the years. After more than two decades as a leader in the development and marketing of medically-related products, Dixie began in 1994 to expand its endeavors to include a truly unique line of soy-based, but great-tasting, health foods. Its product lines, Beef (Not)™ and Fat (Not)® fat-free food products continue to grow, with over two hundred exclusive soy-based food items. After a successful introduction in 1993, Beef (Not)™ made its TV debut on the Q2 network in 1996.

Dixie’s exclusive products, including Nutlettes®­, America’s only all-soy breakfast cereal, have been featured in hundreds of magazine, radio, and TV pieces since then. Dixie has acquired the Legumes Plus™ lentil soup line, and the Harvest Direct™ soy products. These additions are manufactured in Dixie’s new plant in Tomball, Texas, along with its existing soy products. Dixie uses additional plants throughout the United States and in several foreign countries to produce raw materials to its exacting specifications.

Dixie markets by direct mail to tens of thousands of loyal customers, and its products are featured in health food stores throughout the country. Dixie has also become a leading manufacturer of custom-blended private label products.To comply with the confidentiality agreements Dixie has with its private-label clients, its production facilities are not open for tours.

In 2001, Dixie introduced the new Sugar Not® zero-calorie sweetener, made from the Lo Han fruit. Its exclusive formula allows Dixie to market the product not only to the retail and wholesale trades, but also to formulators and other manufacturers.

Dixie is a privately-held multi-million dollar corporation, owned by its officers.
Dixie enjoys banking and financial relationships developed over more than fifty years providing immediate resources should it ever become necessary to use them.


Dixie Diners’ Club Creed

  • I will never eat any dish that does not satisfy me, regardless of its fat content or lack thereof. All food must taste good period. I want healthy food that tastes like junk food.
  • I want to see honest-sized servings, not skimpy, wimpy ones.
  • I will not eat anything I cannot pronounce.
  • I love Comfort Foods, Passion foods. I know I need to eat better, but it’s got to look like, smell like, feel like, and have the same TASTE of its high-fat brother to make me happy.
  • I will never eat watered-down skim milk versions of my high-fat favorites, because I know it will just leave me wanting the real thing even more, so why bother!
  • I don’t want to make a career out of cooking – the simpler and quicker, the better I like it. The less dirty utensils, the happier I am – I’ve got a real life, that doesn’t include a maid.
  • When I do splurge, I want the best! Why else do we splurge? So I’ll make Beef (Not!)® and Fat (Not!)® products my mainstay, and splurge on occasion – Without the guilt.