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Low Carb Sugar Free Sandwich Cookies

Low Carb Sugar Free Sandwich Cookies

  • December 11, 2014
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Free up your time and energy, plus present something great that fits into everyone’s healthy all natural lifestyle like Low Carb, Diabetic Friendly & Gluten Free with these easy and yummy sandwich cookies.

Even the “oh I simply couldn’t because I’m watching my fat and calories, you know” folks can enjoy these scrumptious goodies. In fact, you might call them the perfect hassle-free dessert.

These cute stress-free sandwich cookies are a snap to make because they require no baking and use the ready to eat Carb Counters™Everyday Gourmet™ Cookies… just pick your flavors and spoon the filling in-between and chill! They are so showy and great to whip out for entertaining. Yes, everyone can have dessert now. And you didn’t have to slave over the oven to get the cudos… Life is good.

- Brenda


1 Pack Carb Counters™ Everyday Gourmet Cookies
1/3 cup Carb Counters™ Gluten Free Whip It Up™ Instant Dessert Maker (Packed)
3 Tablespoons Water


In small bowl, place the Whip It Up™ and 3 Tablespoons water, adding food coloring or see below for natural berry juice substituted for coloring as desired.

Stir until water is mixed in. Turn half of the cookies over so the flat bottom side is up.

Spoon a teaspoonful of the filling into the center of each of the turned up cookies.

low carb sandwich cookie recipe

Top with the remaining half, bottom side down, and press gently to spread out filling.

Cook’s Tip: If you would like to make a chocolate filling, like for the peanut butter Cookies, add 1-1/2 teaspoons cocoa to the vanilla flavor or use the chocolate flavor Whip It Up™.

Freeze for 15 minutes or chill until filling is firm. Store covered in fridge or freezer. Makes delicious “tea” time cookies too.

low carb sandwich cookies

Makes 6 to 8 sandwich cookies. Recipe may be doubled of course.

Note: when choosing cookie flavors, the small bags of cookies have 12 cookies in them (will make 6 sandwich cookies) and the large bulk bags have 36 cookies (would make 18 sandwich cookies if recipe was doubled. It's fun to mix and match so buying the smaller bags allows you experiment and save at the 3’fer price too.

2-1/2 net carbs per sandwich cookie. Enjoy!


Add unsweetened coconut to filling, or chop the coconut and roll in cookies before chilling.
Add chopped nuts to filling or roll the cookies in nuts before chilling.
To color the filling naturally: Replace the water with crushed strawberries or strawberry juice. Want blue or green natural coloring? Use blueberry juice for the blue and a bit of squeezed spinach for the green.

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