August Cleaning & Outdoor Tips:

Its a great time to get the place ready for fall. Here are some easy tips to help you make quick work out of the sprucing up:

Weeds that grow in driveways and patio cracks can easily be killed by saturating them with a gallon warm water to which has been added 1/4 cup of salt. Prevent weeds from growing in cracks by sprinkling salt right into the crevices. That's all that's needed… just let nature take over.

Wet grass hard to mow? Just spray the blades of your lawn mower with vegetable oil.

Getting bitten by mosquitoes? Tie a used fabric softener around your belt to keep the mosquitoes away.

Keep ants away (both inside or outdoors). Put fresh lemon slices where you've seen them or where you suspect they are coming in or leaving a trail.

Speaking of lemons, make a personal furniture polish by mixing one part lemon juice and 2 parts vegetable oil. Also, to remove scratches from a wooden table or surface, mix equal parts of lemon juice and vegetable oil. Use a soft cotton cloth to rub it into the scratches - repeat a few times and presto - the scratches are gone.

Got potted plants? add a few drops of lemon juice to the water before watering.
It lowers the pH, permitting plants to up take more soil nutrients.