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Our Legumes Plus line really is vegan lentil soup no animal products! And for that matter, no MSG...no preservatives... just fabulous flavor derived from real vegetables. Shop our line of vegan lentil soup now!

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          THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO EAT THINGS I COULD NEVER OTHERWISE EAT! It's not just the products... b/c there are "similar" products out there to yours... it's YOURS... for I trust and ONLY trust YOUR brand... just to clarify that last sentence...


          My daily Dixie Diner breakfast has been keeping me and my Marine healthy and thin for 20 years. Go, Dixie!

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Welcome to The Dixie Diners' Club, manufacturers of "Health Food That Tastes Like Junk Food®." Yes, you can have it your own delicious way. Select your Lifestyle choice: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Heart Healthy, Vegetarian, Vegan, Low Sodium, Low/No Sugar Added, Low Fat/Fat Free, or Low Carb (Atkins, South Beach, or low glycemic index type).

You get economical, ALL NATURAL, shelf-stable healthy foods from breakfasts and beverages, main dishes, meat replacements (high protein, whole-soy meat analogs), soups, broths, dressings, sauces, spreads, and supplements to snacks, nutritional bars and candy, baking, desserts, spices & sweeteners.

We hope you'll join the thousands of customers who've enjoyed Dixie's personal, friendly service for more than 30 years. Enjoy shopping for tasty food that's truly healthy!

Please note that we no longer produce a printed catalog. Our Website is Our Catalog.
If you like to track your nutrition and health data CRON-O-Meter is a FREE web application.

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