Chicken (Not!)™ Strips – 10 pound box

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Use these beef-, turkey- and chicken-style products in your regular recipes — just substitute Beef (Not!)®, Turkey (Not!)® or Chicken (Not!)® plain unflavored, one to one, for beef or poultry! (Just add water or broth to reconstitute.)

“Each 100g (! 1/4 cups) contains an estimated 305mg of naturally-occurring isoflavones, including diadzein, glycitein, and the all important genistein.”Nutritional Information You Can Trust™.

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Weight 11.50 lbs

1 review for Chicken (Not!)™ Strips – 10 pound box

  1. chris1

    I have given various brands of TVP to my family to try. The Dixie Diners’ Club brand is so far ahead of the competition it’s not even a race!

    I use the strips when I want to make larger slices, I have turned these nummy nuggets into BBQ pulled pork style, Mongolian beef, and many, many other recipes.

    I have reconstituted them, breaded them and made what my family calls “Skinny Nuggets” because the size of these are wonderfully large, and the texture is spot on for meat that my brain has not figured out yet with the fact I am eating meat-free.

    I wish there was a larger size that would equivalate to about a small ham slice because I think a Steak (Not!) would revolutionize the world!

    I will only buy Dixie DIners’ Club Products from now on!

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