Low Carb Cocoa Smaps™ Ready to Eat Breakfast Cereal


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Low Carb Cocoa Smaps™ Ready to Eat Breakfast Cereal

Low Carb Cocoa Smaps™ are all natural, gluten free, and heart-healthy. This great tasting low-carb breakfast cereal has no artificial ingredients or preservatives either – it’s a delicious diabetic-friendly cocoa crispy cereal that is truly a “chocolate blast” in your morning cereal bowl.

To me, chocolate has always been one of the four major food groups, and now with this great new Smaps™ flavor, your morning cereal might just be the “best part of getting up”.

Low Carb Cocoa Smaps™ has the same high protein, 2 net carb low carb goodness as the original flavor, but now, for chocolate lovers!


Please, please, please don’t ever change the recipe or discontinue your Smaps cereal (Maple and chocolate flavors). They are absolutely awesome and I love them!!!! They are my favorite high protein/low carb/low fat/low calorie/low sodium cereal!!!!! I was so happy today when I placed another order and saw that you now even have a chocolate flavor.~Lee: Online Customer~


Chocolate, its not just for breakfast… see this great almost-instant Cocoa Smaps™ Clusters Recipe too:

sugar free chocolate clusters

low carb chocolate cereal

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