Legumes Plus™ Vegan Herbed Lentil Casserole 4 Svgs


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A wonderful combo of lentils, rice and a perfect blend of herbs that create a well seasoned pilaf casserole.

Legumes Plus soups are exclusively from the rich soil of the Palouse Valley. No other lentils can compare.

Ingredients: Lentils, rice, celery, onion, oregano, basil, thyme, garlic powder, sea salt*, black pepper.

Nutrition: Serving size 1/3 cup (65.5g) Calories 150, Total Fat 1g, Sodium 470mg, Protien 7g.

Note: The natural sodium in this soup is derived from real vegetables…Yes, vegetables (fresh and dried) when grown do absorb from the ground all natural sodium (sea salt- which contains needed trace minerals, potassium and iodine) but this soup has no added refined sodium (white table type salt.)

Great for Slow Cookers: Set on low temp. Add mix & 1 EXTRA cup of water( plus 1 lb of your favorite meat if desired). Add spice packet (reserving 1/2 teaspoon). Cook for 5 hours or more. Stir in tomato product (if label calls for it), reserved spices and serve.

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