Carb Counters™ Corn Chips



Delicious All natural Carb Counters™
Low Carb Corn Chips are the perfect
high protein crunchy snack, with 13 grams
of high quality protein in every serving.
Weighing in at just 5 net carbs and so tasty… these crispy
flavorful chips are perfect for plain snacking
or universal chipping & dipping with your favorite salsa,
guacamole or con queso cheese dips.
Enjoy the crunch of a truly low carb corn chip!

Ingredients: vegetable fiber, wheat protein, wheat gluten, organic corn meal, egg whites, canola oil, parmesan cheese, unbleached hard wheat flour, whey protein, low glycemic monosaccharide, baking powder (calcium acid phosphate, bicarbonate of soda), garlic, lecithin, yeast flakes, baking soda, all natural low glycemic fruit concentrate.



Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 11 in