Low Carb Donut Hole Mix


This easy-to-make low-carb donut hole mix comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. You can choose between glazed and powdered donut holes for breakfast or enjoy the sweet warm taste of both, all without breaking your low-carb diet!

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These delicious donut holes are low carb and low calorie with only 2 or 3 net carbs, and 6 to 7 grams of  protein for every 6 “holes.”

Your choice of vanilla or chocolate.

It’s easy to make these low-carb donut holes, just add sour cream, a little butter and bake for a few minutes.
Complete with frosting packet- lets you choose either glazed or sweet powdered topping, or a little of both, if you like.

Why not enjoy  a “donut hole” breakfast or snack break – a skinny 20 calories or less for each
donut “hole.”

It’s easy to make whole donuts, too, you don’t even need a special pan.

low carb donutsThis package makes 36 donut “holes” or 7 large donuts. Just follow the easy label directions.

The donuts and holes freeze well for everyday snacks and are guaranteed to fill that “hungry for a donut hole” feeling with real food – the low carb, low calorie way!

Use this mix to create low-carb donut-hole donuts with this easy recipe!


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