Carb Counters™ Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie Mix



Carb Counters™ Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie MixA delicious GLUTEN FREE chocolate chip cookie mix is also studded with tasty pecans to make the best of both worlds. Enjoy low carb (only 1 net carb per big 3″ cookie) cookies that are so very easy to make that you will want to keep this mix stocked in your pantry for “cookie craving” times. Just add butter and an egg to make 1-1/2 dozen scrumptious cookies. You can choose softer cookies or just bake a bit longer for crispy style cookies if you prefer. Either way, these cookies keep frozen for two months and are perfect to eat right out of the freezer. Make ’em and freeze ’em often. Note: In 2003, the FDA approved a Hearth Health Claim for several varieties of nuts, like the ones in this recipe. Enjoy!

For VEGAN preparation option:
In place of the egg, please use: 2 teaspoons Egg Not™ (soy lecithin) combined with 1 Tablespoon water In place of the butter please use: 1/4 cup of Smart Balance® Buttery Blend Spread.

Nutritional Information You Can Trust™.

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 11 in


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