Carb Counters™ Low Carb Rock ‘n Roll Protein Shake & Drink-Vanilla



Carb Counters’ Vanilla Rock ‘n Roll, high protein Power Shake gives you instant soda fountain flavor with just cold water and ice! Use the Dixie Shaker Jar (or a tight fitting 16 oz. minimum size jar and lid) and shake. Instant creamy and delicious flavor tastes like melted ice cream in a thick and frothy wave. If you like shakes on the go – you will agree that these are the top of the heap in flavor and convenience. Enjoy at work, home, wherever you want an “on the spot” high protein energy break. Box of 7 individual travel packs – just mix and enjoy. See label for “latte” suggestions and blender alternatives. Just 2 net carbs.

*Lactose FreeNutritional Information You Can Trust™.

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