Devil’s Food Cake Mix – 4 Net Carbs



All natural low carb cake mixes, with such a rich chocolate favor, GLUTEN FREE, and so delicious you will actually think it tastes more like chocolate than normal high carb cakes. Just add eggs, butter, bakers unsweetened chocolate cream to get a scrumptious cake (12 servings) or make 2 – 8 oz layer cakes in 20 minutes. This cake does not need frosting, but I like to mix cream cheese with whipping cream and add low carb sweetener to get a delicious fluffy frosting when company is coming… Otherwise, I freeze just the cake in serving size portions and have a piece at a time (it keeps great frozen for 2 months.) This will become a mainstay for any true chocolate cake lover.
Add our Whipped Topping Mix 230975.**ALL NATURAL-NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS OR POLYDEXTROSE EVER!Nutritional Information You Can Trust™.

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Weight 4.9 oz
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 10 in


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