Egg (Not!)™ -Low Fat Low Carb- 8 oz.



A dairy-free, animal-free egg replacer that’s made only from soybeans. Stores dry, just add 1 rounded teaspoon to 2 tablespoons water to make a one egg replacement. Use for baking and cooking. The easiest and most economical egg replacer you will find. Don’t try to make a souffle out of it unless you add egg whites, though, even Egg (Not!)™ has its limits. One gram of fat and 17.5 calories per teaspoon. Makes great meatballs…replaces oil or fat in baking, too!

A Word About Egg (Not!)™

The only ingredient in Egg (Not!)™ is, of course, pure soy lecithin (dried to produce a granular, easy to use form). Two very important phospholipids (membranes, the dynamic action centers of the living cell, are built on phospholipids) have been isolated within the soy lethicin. Phosphatidyl choline (PC) is the major building block of liver cells; detoxification is necessary to counteract pollutants, viruses, alcohol, and other toxic agents – this is your liver’s job. Phosphatidyl serine (PS) is a brain-cell nutrient that boosts memory and speeds both concentration andlearning, as well as enhancing mood. It is the only nutrient proven to partially reverse age-related memory impairment. It also eases muscle pain associated with physical stress. Even add a teaspoon full to your next smoothie or power drink – sprinkle it in your soups and baked goods – just use it, your liver and your brain need it!

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