Carb Counters™ Bakesquick™ 2 LB All purpose Baking Mix



With Bakesquick™ all-purpose low-carb baking mix, it’s easy to make light and tender biscuits, fluffy pancakes, crispy pizza crusts, tasty cookies and shortcakes, pot pie toppings, and more – all with only 2 net carbs per serving, so they’re a great choice for your low-carb lifestyle, or diabetic diet – and with a few easy substitutions, Bakesquick recipes fit right into your low-calorie weight loss program as well.

Just follow the simple recipes on the label, and you’ll be enjoying delicious meals you never thought you could have on a diet.
Each rounded cup full of all-natural Bakesquick™ has only 20 net carbs, and each all natural  light and flaky biscuit has only 2 net carbs!

Keep Bakesquick™ on hand to whip up all your favorites the quick and easy low carb way. Nothing does it like Bakesquick™ – The new 2 Lb. size bag makes 90 biscuits.

Featured Recipe:

Bakesquick is so easy to use, your only problem will be, ‘What should I make first?’ We suggest this mouth-watering low-carb chiffon cake.

All you’ll need is Bakesquick, Sugar Not™ Spoonful , oil, butter, eggs, and the flavoring of your choice.

low carb chiffon cake


April 07, 2014
Reviewer: janna in Minnesota
All of Dixie diner is good, but this one is great.

low carb biscuit baking mix

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