GF Organic Nutlettes® Certified- 10 pound refill


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Some of our folks out there in customerland have been asking for a Certified GLUTEN FREE Organic Nutlettes® cereal, so here it is.

You will find a slightly different golden color than the original, but other than that, our taste panel finds it to be the same crunchy, loveable and nutritious cereal, sporting a certified organic label. Nutritionally speaking, both products are superior, as I am sure you know. Try ’em out and see if they tickle your taste buds! Like the standard whole soy Nutlettes, this new organic guy contains naturally occurring isoflavones… and due to organic manufacturing, has slightly higher fat content.

Get your soy the delicious, easy, fast and fun way with Nutlettes®, Dixie’s soy cereal – all natural, certified organic, GMO free – SUGAR FREE, with no added fillers or fortifiers…just pure and tasty with a pleasing natural coating.

Certified Organic Nutlettes® ready-to-eat soy cereal introductory special. Now available in convenient resealable box. Once you try this delicious healthy cereal, you will reach for it on a regular basis – it’s the fastest way to get that daily soy (the regularly consumed soy that has been proven to protect against so many major diseases). It fits your hectic lifestyle – the times when you just can’t stop to fix that special meal you would like to. Slip some in a zip lock bag the next time you have to travel – get your soy and fiber in your morning cereal bowl! The good way to start out your day!

Nutritional Information You Can Trust™.

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