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Enjoy all three varieties of Dixie Diners’ Club’s delicious low-carb pancakes: Classic Low Carb Pancake & Waffle Mix, Banana Supreme Pancake Mix, and Blueberry Cream Pancake Mix. A no-fuss mix means a hot and tasty low-carb pancake breakfast is only minutes away.

Classic Low Carb Pancake & Waffle Mix

Carb Counters™ Pancake & Waffle Mix

This best-selling mix is the “go to ” favorite for low carb pancakes. It’s easy, fast and delicious.low-carb-pancake

Just add cream (regular or sour cream) and eggs to make scrumptious sugar-free, low-carb pancakes.

Freeze the pancakes for quick breakfasts or snacks too.

Each Regular-sized mix makes 16 – 6″ pancakes.

Economy-sized packages will make 48 pancakes.

Only 1 net carb each.

See label directions also for making 2, 4 or 8 at a time.


Want waffles?

See these wonderful waffle recipes in our recipe section and take breakfast to the next level.

Banana Supreme Low Carb Pancake Mix:

Carb Counters™ Banana Supreme Pancake Mix

These low-carb banana supreme pancakes are a scrumptious variation to the standard old pancake… and you don’t even need syrup!low carb banana pancake

Just add cream & egg (or use the fat free label version) and have eight delicious banana pancakes in a flash.

The pancakes are also great for dessert. Fill the pancakes with berries or whipped cream and you have an instant banana supreme.

You can refrigerate leftover pancakes for up to two days and freeze leftovers for up to two months.

When frozen, just pop the pancakes in the microwave for 10 seconds and enjoy.

Banana supreme pancakes are simply great for breakfast or dessert, whether you’re low-carb dieting, or diabetic.

All natural, no sugar alcohols or artificial ingredients.

Banana Supreme Pancakes are just 2 net carbs. 51 calories per pancake.

Blueberry Cream Low Carb Pancake Mix:

Carb Counters™ Blueberry Cream Pancake Mix

Syrup is definitely optional with these deliciously different pancakes. Just add cream and egg (or see the fat free label directions) to get eight luscious pancakes.low carb blueberry pancake

Real blueberries add the special touch with this great fast and easy low carb blueberry pancake mix! Also makes great “roll ups” or crepes. Fill with more berries or whipped cream.

Refrigerate leftovers for 2 days and freeze them for up to two months – keep these delicious low carb pancakes handy for all occasions. Pop them in the microwave for 10 seconds when frozen.

These pancakes are all natural, and have no sugar alcohols or artificial ingredients.

Only 1 net carb and less than 50 calories per pancake.

No Carb Maple Syrup
It’s so easy to make your own sugar alcohol free zero carb maple syrup, too!

low carb maple syrup recipe

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