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Hungry for thick and delicious low-carb gravy, creamy sauces, hearty flavorful soups, fruit fillings and gooey desserts – even real pancake syrup? Don’t give up on fabulous food just because you’re on a low carb, gluten-free, or diabetic diet.

Dixie Diner’s Thick It Up™ Low Carb Thickener works to thicken up any food – without adding any net carbs to your dish.

Whisk Thick It Up™ into hot water or broth to thicken up your favorite recipe. This low-carb thickener is all natural, with no artificial ingredients, and no preservatives: With zero calories, and zero net carbs per serving, Dixie’s low carb thickener is completely gluten-free.
Package contains 100 servings (6 oz).

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It’s so easy to make delicious low carb syrup to go with your Bakesquick™ pancakes!

Just combine maple flavoring, Thick It Up™ Thickener and Sugar Not™ Spoonful -all natural sugar-free sweetener for your own low-carb, sugar-free syrup, without all those sugar alcohols.

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