Sugar Not™ Spoonful™ Natural Sugar Replacement with Fiber



If you want all the sweet without all the carbs, switch to Dixie’s Spoonful™.

This all-natural sweetener has zero net carbs, and it sweetens and measures just like sugar, so it’s easy to make the change – whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a diabetic lifestyle.


Love to bake, but missing sugar? You can use this healthy sugar-substitute, made with Monk Fruit (lo han guo) in all your favorite recipes that call for sugar, without sacrificing great taste.

It’s not just delicious – Spoonful™ has no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners so it fits right into your healthy lifestyle. Spoonful™ is rich with soluble fiber and prebiotic, and it’s gluten free, all with less than a third of the calories of table sugar.
There are more than 180 servings in each 1lb bag of Spoonful™.


low carb cheesecake

Featured Low Carb Recipe:

This four-ingredient cheesecake is easy to make, and tastes delicious. With just eggs, cream cheese, Spoonful™ and one Carb Counters™ Low Carb Rock ‘n Roll Protein Shake & Drink-Vanilla, you’ll be serving a creamy sugar-free cheesecake that no one will believe is low-carb!

low carb sweetener spoonful

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 10 in


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