Quick and Easy Low Carb Recipes

It’s incredibly easy to make delicious meals and snacks the Q & E way… yes, quick and easy does it every time to get you loving your food and in and out of the kitchen in a jiffy.

Turn into a low carb kitchen wizard with these fast and fun recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make snacks in 5 or 10 minutes, too.

When you make the recipes you love, be sure to bookmark the recipes so they’re easy to locate. If you’re like me, you’ll be glad you did. Saves tons of hunting time.

Adore Your Freezer

Also, fall in love with your “freezer”. It saves you time and money. Trust me if you do this, you will never be without delicious and instant low carb meals and snacks. You’ll surprise yourself on hectic days when you don’t know what to have for dinner and as you are turning the key in the front door, you suddenly remember you’ve got that low carb stuff in the freezer. It’s real food, just defrost and reheat/enjoy. Let’s do your “happy dance”. Surprise, surprise!

Now the definition of “quick & easy” may mean different things to various folks but I do think if you like the specific recipe, please, do have a go at it and by all means freeze the leftovers and don’t forget to label them. Individual portion size packages – tightly wrapped in zip lock bags -freezing is recommended. If using containers, don’t forget to place a piece of plastic wrap tightly touching the top of the food before closing the lid to keep fresh and prevent freezer “burn”. If you have a liquid-type sauce or something, coat a piece of plastic with cooking spray prior to placing it spray side down on the food. This will help keep the contents off the plastic when you defrost.

Breakfast Biscuit Taco

Breakfast biscuit taco shells freeze great, for fast low carb meals any day of the week!

Cooking Times and Versatility

Quick & easy means 15 minutes or less for snacks and 30 minutes or less for meals. The good thing with the meals is that these foods can all be easily frozen to enable you to “flash fix” other meals with the same ingredients. Like freezing the biscuit taco shells and simply adding meats/cheeses or whatever for another main dish meal to create a variety of different tasting dishes with the commonly needed low carb elements to stay within your lifestyle plan.

Usually the “bready” type ingredients like pizza crust, bread and biscuits – corn muffins and other normally high carb foods that you need for a regular meal are perfect “starter” meal makers.

Appetizers and snacks

The new Carb Counters™ Bagel Chips and Cornitas™ Corn Crisps are indispensible for “crispy snack attacks” and appetizer bases or for chips and dips.

Check out the recipes and, again, bookmark your favorites. You don’t have to do anything except grab a handful to add to your meals. Usually, we have our favorite snacking and lite meal foods so just be sure you’re covered in this area.

Fast and fun

You’ll find its easy to create versatility to your eating by using the “make and freeze” method wherever needed. Remember – be sure to label the packages and date them so you don’t age your eyes trying to figure out what this “was” when you originally deposited it in the freezer in the first place. As always, enjoy… and let us know if you need or want any more suggestions on how to “gourmet up” your low carb lifestyle. It enlarges your arena of deliciously enjoyed low carb real foods and saves you good money on your food budget.

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