Low Carb Breakfast Biscuit Tacos

Low Carb Breakfast Biscuit Tacos

Breakfast Biscuit Taco These low carb biscuit tacos are delightful, so easy to make and “off the taste chart”. They offer up the perfect foundation for your favorite filings. These tacos don’t compete or have any strange flavor or sweetness to mask the eggs, or whatever you fill them with. In short, you’ve got a clean and delicious foundation like a very good, freshly made bakery bun. We’re featuring the eggs & salsa version here, but trust me, whatever you choose to fill them with, you’ll love it.

This recipe uses the Dixie Carb Counters™ Classic Biscuit Mix; has few ingredients and it's fast and “flip-able” …if you can make pancakes, you can ace these biscuit tacos in a jiffy. Make no mistake, this isn’t a pancake…far from it. Refrigerate or freeze ‘em and have a great portable “hot” breakfast all week long. Tender and fragrant, these thick biscuit tacos also take plain old tacos up several texture notches as they are wonderfully soft; easy to bite into like a fresh baked baguette, plus do not crack or fall apart. Perfect for a delicious sandwich such as this. Not just for breakfast, you’ll enjoy them with most any kind of filling. Why not be adventurous and try them with your favorites like meats and cheeses for lunch or dinner too. You can just freeze the shells, reheat and fill later if you prefer. Enjoy!



  • For 4 large biscuit tacos:
  • 1/3 cup Dixie Carb Counters™ Classic Biscuit Mix
  • 1 large or extra large egg
  • 2 tablespoons sour cream
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • ..............................................................
  • For egg filling:
  • 4 large or extra large eggs
  • 1/3 cup good salsa (like Herdez®)
  • 1/2 tablespoon butter


  • salt & papper (to taste)
  • shredded American or Cheddar Cheese


Cook’s Tip: This recipe is for 4 tacos, but may be doubled if desired.
This recipe is for delicious “thicker” biscuit style tacos; if thinner ones are preferred, add up to a half tablespoon more water.

Prepare a skillet or griddle by coating with non-stick cooking spray, or use a non-stick one. Bring to medium-high heat.
In medium sized bowl, combine ingredients for biscuit tacos. Whisk or stir well and drop by 2 tablespoons full into center of pan and smooth out gently with spoon to 4”to 5” wide.
Cook for 2 minutes on one side: taco will thicken up, turn, flip and cook on reverse side for another 2 minutes. Set taco on plate covered with foil to keep warm and repeat with remaining 3 tacos.
Turn hot skillet or pan to medium heat. Add butter to skillet. Break eggs in same bowl that was used to make the tacos. Note: There's no need to wash the bowl first, remnants of biscuit mix actually add flavor to the eggs. Beat the eggs lightly with fork to mix and place in skillet. Top eggs with salsa, flip with spatula (like an omelet) and cook very lightly on reverse side. Remove from heat.

Cook’s Note: Don't overcook the eggs, and you'll get the best flavor and consistency for this sandwich. Err on the side of a nice “over lightly” cooked omelet.
Divide eggs into 4 portions. Tear off 4 pieces of foil (about 6” long) on countertop and place a biscuit taco on top of each one. Divide egg portions into each taco, top with cheese if using, and fold foil around them to form sandwiches. The foil will keep the sandwiches warm.

If not eating soon, simply leave biscuit tacos on counter, lightly covered, to cool a bit and place in zip lock bags to store in fridge or freeze for up to 2 months. Reheat in oven at 350° for 5- 8 minutes or remove foil and place in microwave on high for a minute or so. Save the foil if using the microwave to keep sandwich warm after reheating. Just the biscuit taco shells may also be frozen, defrosted and filled when needed.

*Add crumbled bacon, cooked breakfast sausage, ham or prosciutto.
*Place a slice of cheese on top of the cooked biscuit taco before placing the egg portion on.
*Add finely chopped veggies like broccoli, bell peppers, spinach and/or onion to egg before cooking.
*Fill with cooked lamb, beef, chicken or turkey for lunch or dinner biscuit taco.

For Low Fat/ Fat Free Version:

Use light or fat free sour cream and egg whites in place of regular sour cream and whole eggs.
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