Easy Low Carb Toasted Marshmallows

Easy Low Carb Toasted Marshmallows

Marshmallows are an often missed goodie when living low carb. “Toasted“ marshmallows are almost impossible to get without the addition of sugar. This incredibly simple and easy recipe is “spot on” because the marshmallows are sweet, spongy and a bit “chewy” just like regular marshmallows and not mushy, “wet” or filled with sugar alcohols.. You can make them in many different flavors and they are incredibly easy – just one step preparation, with the mousse mix. No need to fuss with gelatin, a candy thermometer or beat the egg whites for ages. So low calorie, too!

Besides being super simple to make, they toast up perfectly in the oven. Can be kept in the fridge for a couple weeks and make a great low carb and low calorie treat.

In fact, when we first made them it was hard to believe it was so easy and the final result was so, well, so marshmallow”. If you’ve missed that indescribable flavor and texture of marshmallows, here’s your best and easiest low carb recipe. Just keep the mousse mix on hand and enjoy them whenever you want. They make great low carb / low calorie snacks.. Enjoy!



  • 1 package (or more) of your choice of Carb Counter’s Mousse Mixes (select from vanilla, chocolate or raspberry)
  • Egg whites – use 1 large egg white (2 tablespoons egg white) for each package of mousse used ( carton-type pasteurized egg white is fine, also.)
  • Water – use 3 tablespoons for each package of mousse mix used.


Preheat oven to 275°.

Baker’s Tip: If you have a convection feature in your oven and wish to have the “brown tipped” toasted marshmallows, leave it turned on and bake at 275°. Ovens may vary so the first time you make the marshmallows, just check midway through to be sure the marshmallows are not browning too much and lower the temps 25° if necessary. Or raise the temperature 25° if additional browning is wanted.

Layer a cookie sheet with parchment for easy clean up.

Combine mousse mix, 1 large egg white and 3 tablespoons water in medium size mixing bowl.
With electric mixer, beat on low until mixed in and then beat on high for 2 or 3 minutes until soft peaks form.

Drop by 24 heaping teaspoonful onto cookie sheet 1” apart and bake 15 minutes for “gooey” inside campfire type roasted marshmallows and 25 minutes for the basic standard marshmallows. Cool completely and store in fridge in covered container.
Makes 24 marshmallows, 1 net carb per 6 marshmallows. Just 22 calories per 6 marshmallows.

Baker’s Note: When marshmallows are first made, they will have a lite “shell”. As they cool, the shell will soften up. Store cooled marshmallows in fridge in a covered container for up to 2 weeks.

Add almond extract for an almond flavored version.

Add coconut flavoring and/or ground unsweetened coconut flakes for a vanilla coconut or chocolate coconut version.

Melt Carb Counters™ Chunkies™ or other low carb chocolate chips and drizzle over
top of cooled marshmallows. Place in fridge to harden up the chocolate coating.
Add a few drops of peppermint flavoring for peppermint version.
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