Dish it Out: Family Favorites for a Pretty Table of Memories

100_2666Special family dishes often bring back memories of wonderful gatherings and celebrations and even today can evoke fond feelings when serving modern day favorite foods in them.

I have a group of these serving platters, dessert and appetizer plates as well as individual serving pieces from a bygone era. Some I’ve acquired as family “heirlooms” others I’ve picked up along the way from antique stores and common “trash and treasure” shops.

Here is one of our family favorites. A hen sitting in the center, as though she’s incubating an egg, surrounded by the hopefully delicious and universally enjoyed appetizer… deviled eggs.

I doubt that it has much monetary value, but my mother loved it and you had the feeling she couldn’t wait till the guests departed and what was left of the eggs from the larger deviled egg platters could be combined and placed in this smaller “hen plate”.

As you know, deviled eggs are incredibly popular appetizers and sometimes there was even a vacant hole in the hen plate, no matter how many we made in the first place.

Often she would put a whole hardboiled egg in the center for one of us to discover, as though the hen had just “hatched it”.

Come to think of it, certain “themes” or animal figures seem to be favored when collecting this assortment of home serving dishes.

Unintentionally I’m sure.

Like here, the “chicken” theme continues with a nice soup tureen.


Look at the chicken salt & pepper shakers… now let’s see, hmmm, which is the salt and which is actually the pepper?

And what about this complete set with the cookie jar. Is it “ The Chicken Little” or “The Little Chicken” series…Is the black chick with the white spots the salt or is the white chick with the black spots the pepper?

Well, we put the salt in the white chicken but looking at the holes it might just be the other way around…the manufacturer might have had different ideas.

Now, who ever thought to match chicken salt & pepper shakers with chicken cookie jars in the first place? What were they thinking, like what do they have to do with each other anyway?

Alas, they are both chickens.


Well, enjoy your plates and dishes. It’s fun to collect things that are useful – purposeful I mean – and that you can take out for special occasions and enjoy them.

Today too many little pleasures have gone by the wayside. It’s nice to continue on with this kind of mix ‘n match family tradition. Or, hey, start one of your own the next time you’re in a little old “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” shop.

Browse and buy whatever “speaks to you”. Then, serve your delicious healthy low carb food on it proudly, because you have successfully managed to combine a joy from the past with a pleasure of today.

Like the old lady that lived down the lane from us said when I was a child about some of her favorite dishes, “Honey, they just pleasure me.” Life is good, huh.

Do you have a favorite dish you reach for time and time again? Please tell us about it… We’d love to see it and share your comments with the Dixie community.  Just send a picture to [email protected] and tell us in the comments below, where you got it and why you enjoy it too – Thanks in advance for sharing!

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