Low Carb Sweet and Sour Sauce in 5 Minutes: It’s Deliciously Easy

5 Minute Deliciously Easy Low Carb Sweet and Sour Sauce

100_3751 Most sweet and sour sauces don’t taste like the real thing to me, let alone finding a decent low carb one. This sweet and sour sauce is more like an authentic version you’d get at a good Chinese eatery. Not just sweet and more sweet, but with a depth of delicious “tangy” flavor and light cherry notes. All natural, without MSG.

It's no-brainer fast and simple. Just 4 ingredients and water. Toss the soy sauce, though, because a good sweet and sour sauce doesn’t have it. That’s why they have the bottle sitting there on the table. Served it on the side, so the diner can add it separately as desired. Make this delicious sauce and store in the fridge for up to a month or freeze, as it's all natural with nothing artificial in it.

This is a great “forgiving” sauce, as it can be adjusted to flavor and thickness as desired. This recipe provides a nice, clingy version for use as a basic dipping sauce or stir fry. Works great to use as a coating sauce for chicken or shrimp. Check out the variations for more “savory” type sauce applications. Great with pasta, too. Enjoy!




Cook’s Tip: This recipe calls for adding “just the water” from the tart cherries. The water the cherries are packed in has very little carbs, compared to using the whole cherries. Drain the can, press the cherries to get most of the water out and save the cherries for another purpose, as you wish.

Drain and press the cherries to remove all the water from them into a saucepan. Add ½ cup plus 2 tablespoons water. Turn heat to medium/high, add the Spoonful™ and vinegar and heat just until it starts to boil (about a minute or two). Turn heat to low, whisk in the Thick–it-up™. Whisk for a minute to blend in smoothly. Remove from heat.

Note: sauce will thicken as it cools; for an extra, extra thick sauce, reheat and whisk in ¼ teaspoon additional Thick-it–up™ or add 1 teaspoon total when originally making. If you find the sauce is too thick, stir in a bit more water, a tablespoon at a time. If a more tart flavor is desired, add a teaspoon more vinegar. If a sweeter sauce is wanted, add in another tablespoon of Spoonful™.

Keeps in fridge for 3 weeks, or freeze in zip lock bag for up to 3 months.
Makes 1 1/4 cups sauce, (20 Tablespoons) at 1/2 net carb per 2 tablespoons.
Serving Suggestions:
Serve as a dipping sauce, stir-fry sauce, or spoon over cooked chicken or shrimp as desired. Also may be added to pork, chicken or fish and baked.

Serve with breaded chicken for dipping, as shown. Just use the Carb Counters™ Low Carb Bread Crumb Mix - Plain and fry or bake the chicken.

Stir fry with Carb Counter’s Skinni Spaghetti™ & veggies (as shown) and/or add chicken, beef pork, shrimp, etc.

100_4042 Variations:
For orange sauce, add 1 teaspoon orange extract
For a savory sauce, add 2 teaspoons Beef (Not!)™Broth Mix
Add ½ teaspoon red pepper flakes for some “heat”
Add a pinch of ginger
Add ¼ teaspoon garlic
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